Lori Puleo

Lori Puleo: I Won't Forget You

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lori Puleo

Title: I Won't Forget You
Label: CD Baby

'Lori Puleo has a sweet, clear voice that resonates with a haunting quality, making a path directly to your heart. Perfect for some of the songs she selected....She has a voice you'll want to hear again and again.' (Laurie Lawson, Electronic Link Journey) Lori Puleo's debut CD 'I Won't Forget You' is both poignant in it's reverence for the memory of lost love and joyful in it's celebration of the simple things in life. A collection of songs from Hollywood musicals and the Broadway theater, Lori's CD pays tribute to the memory of her late parents by combining heartbreaking ballads,like 'I'll Forget You' with uplifting affirmations on the sweetness of life,like 'Cheek to Cheek.' Lori's plaintive version of 'You Keep Coming Back Like a Song,' reminds us of the bittersweet fact that our lost loved ones remain with us in memory. The driving horns of 'Before the Parade Passes By' and 'The Second Time Around' help to convey the optimistic message that there is still so much out there waiting for us when we return to life. The Lennon/McCartney track, 'Across the Universe' and the Harburg/Lane song, 'How are Things in Glocca Morra?' set moods of tranquil reverie, transporting the listener back to an innocent time when all was right with the world. 'Stuff Like that There' is pure fun! An actor as well as a singer, Lori Puleo majored in theater at Fordham University and studied with the Joan White English Theater Company in London. She has appeared onstage in dramas, comedies and musicals and has performed in cabaret clubs in New York. Lori left her job as an attorney to devote her time and energy to her career in the performance arts. Since that time, she has produced her debut CD and has appeared on television and radio programs to promote the same.

1.1 You Keep Coming Back Like a Song
1.2 Cheek to Cheek
1.3 How Are Things in Glocca Morra
1.4 Before the Parade Passes By
1.5 The Man That Got Away
1.6 Across the Universe
1.7 In My Own Little Corner/I Whistle a Happy Tune
1.8 The Second Time Around
1.9 Stuff Like That There
1.10 But Not for Me
1.11 Isn't This a Lovely Day
1.12 What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
1.13 I Wish You Love/I'll Forget You

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