Lori Rae Martin: Living Stations of Cross: I Thirst

Lori Rae Martin: Living Stations of Cross: I Thirst
Title: Living Stations of Cross: I Thirst
Label: CD Baby

The Living Stations of the Cross, 'I Thirst' is the labor of love of two Christian women. As co-owners of a flourishing audio and video production company, AudioGirlProductions.com, they have created commercials, documentaries, and e-learning for TV, radio, and web spots, both broadcast and non-broadcast. In 2008, it was placed on their hearts to start a very active and loving Pro-Life ministry: AudioGirlMinistries.com. This CD is a fruit of their labor and all proceeds from it's sale goes towards saving a baby and healing for the broken hearts affected by abortion. Using spoken word and music, eighteen gifted actors take you on His final Earthly journey and give powerful eye-witness accounts of what they learned and how it affected them. Each account brings you into the story and asks: how would you have felt had you been there? You'll hear from: Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea, Martha and Mary, Nicodemus, Pontius Pilate, Mary the mother of Jesus - and many more. In between scenes/stations is insightful narration and poignant songs that dramatically enhance the overall listening experience. Spiritually inspiring, emotionally compelling, and powerfully challenging, 'The Living Stations of the Cross' will profoundly move your soul - and comfort your heart, mind, and spirit.

1.1 Welcome/"Our Father"
1.2 The Agony in the Garden/"Stay with Me"
1.3 Station 1: Jesus Is Condemned to Death/"Merciful God"
1.4 Station 2: Jesus Accepts His Cross/"Come Follow Me"
1.5 Station 3: Jesus Falls the First Time/"Here"
1.6 Station 4: Jesus Meets His Mother/"Awesome, Holy Wonder"
1.7 Station 5:Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross/"Mother Teresa"
1.8 Station 6: Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus/"Cling to Me"
1.9 Station 7: Jesus Falls a Second Time/"Climb Up Into the Light"
1.10 Station 8: Jesus Speaks to the Women of Jerusalem/"What Is Holy"
1.11 Station 9: Jesus Falls a Third Time/"The Wind"
1.12 Station 10: Jesus Is Stripped of His Clothes/"Everything"
1.13 Station 11: Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross/"Were You There"
1.14 Station 12: "Jesus Dies on the Cross/"He Thirsts for Me"
1.15 Station 13: Jesus Is Taken Down from the Cross/"My Loving Son"
1.16 Station 14: Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb/"Amazing Grace"
1.17 Coda

Lori Rae Martin: Living Stations of Cross: I Thirst

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