The Lost and Found

The Lost and Found: Everybody's Here

$9.83 $11.99

Artist: The Lost and Found
Title: Everybody's Here

Limited digitally remastered and expanded digibook edition of this highly-regarded 1968 Psych classic includes three bonus non-album tracks. The rigid digibook's bound-in 16-page illustrated booklet features an authorative, contemporary overview of the band and it's music as well as reproductions of the album's original notes. 13 tracks. Charly. 2009.

1.1 Forever Lasting Plastic Words
1.2 Everybody's Here
1.3 There Would Be No Doubt
1.4 Don't Fall Down
1.5 Zig Zag Blues
1.6 Let Me Be
1.7 I Realize
1.8 2 Stroke Blues
1.9 I'm So Hip to Pain
1.10 Living Eye
1.11 When Will You Come Through
1.12 Professor Black
1.13 25 MPH

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