Lotte Landl: True Austrian

Lotte Landl: True Austrian
Title: True Austrian
Label: CD Baby

Austria has some wonderful, full of variety music and songs.It is strongly identified with composers like Strauss, Schubert, Mozart and more. But there is other music, -it's folk music. As I come from the heart of Austria 'the Steiermark', I have chosen some good old folk songs from the mountainous region and I feel sure there are still people who will relate to them. Perhaps I will even rekindle some of those fun songs e.g. 'Was is heut fuer Tag?' What day is it today?? Monday is noodle day, Tuesday is Strudel day, Wednesday is dumpling day, Thursday is meat day, Friday is fasting day, Saturday is pay day, Sunday is rest day. ---- Fun--Fun. Music and singing was part of everyday life in my early days in Austria and I am still reminiscing over those wonderful times. I bring some of this music now, not just for the entertainment of it, but as a way of keeping the tradition alive that would be handed down through the generations. Sing along with me and try a little yodel also. Till next time, liebe Gruesse, Lotte.

1.1 Typisch Berglerisch
1.2 Die Steirische Roas
1.3 Hoch Vom Dachstein An
1.4 Im Fruehjahr Wann's Gruen Wird
1.5 Mein Schoenes Innsbruck
1.6 Lasst Uns Frohe Lieder Singen
1.7 O Alpenland, Mein Heimatland
1.8 Was Schlagt Auf Dem Tannenbaum
1.9 Wo Die Alpenrosen Blueh'n
1.10 Salzburger Glockenjodler/Geliebtes Schoenes Salzburg
1.11 Der Alt Ausseer Postillion
1.12 Wann Du Durchgehst Durchs Tal/In Der Wiederschwing
1.13 Die Holzknechtbuam
1.14 Frauenkaeferl
1.15 Wann I Auf D'alma Geh
1.16 Was Is Heut Fuer Tag
1.17 Gaudi Zeit
1.18 Ueber's Loaterl Steig I Nit Auffi
1.19 Kaiserjaeger Marsch
1.20 Der Weg Zum Herzen

Lotte Landl: True Austrian

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