Lotte Landl

Lotte Landl: Zither By Candlelight

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Artist: Lotte Landl

Artist: Lotte Landl
Title: Zither By Candlelight

Hello my dear zither friends. Sit back, take a glass of wine, relax and enjoy some more of my favourite melodies. \'Prosit\'! Most of the 20 tracks on Zither by Candlelight are those great old tunes I so love to play like \'Some enchanted evening\' and \'O sole mio\' but it also includes 4 of my new original compositions. The first new one is \'A glass of red or a glass of white\' and as I play it I sing along to myself - \'this is all my heart desires, where music plays, where songs are sung, is where my heart and I belong.\' That is very much me. The next new track \'So far away\' seems sad which I am sometimes, dreaming of Austria, but not actually homesick. Then there is \'Easy days\', happily strolling along through life, doing very little and feeling good. Finally, a new Polka piece that I call \'Polka time\' to finish up with. So, please dream along with me, until next time, liebe Grüße, Lotte.

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