Lou Anne Nell

Lou Anne Nell: Amistad

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lou Anne Nell

Title: Amistad
Label: Spring Hill

2018 release. Grammy-nominated composer Michael Hoppé returns with a collection of meditative and invigorating compositions inspired by the wonderful friendships that he has formed in his new home of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. This friendship, (or Amistad) can be found throughout the album featuring superbly talented musicians such as violinist Pedro Cartas, guitarist Dan Nicholas and harmonicist Joe Powers. Immerse yourself in a feeling of connectedness and love with "Amistad" and enjoy the exceptional artistry of all the friendships involved with creating this recording.

1.1 Beneath Mexican Stars
1.2 Dawn
1.3 El Jardin
1.4 For What It's Worth Ft. Joe Powers
1.5 Song for Toller
1.6 Lullaby for the Moon
1.7 Hummingbird Waltz
1.8 Invocation
1.9 Embers
1.10 The Awakening
1.11 Sharing Secrets
1.12 When I Knew You
1.13 Song for Neko
1.14 For What It's Worth Ft. Alfredo Muro

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