Lou Padro: Wonder in Your Eyes

Lou Padro: Wonder in Your Eyes
Title: Wonder in Your Eyes
Label: CD Baby

Lou Padro is a rising Raleigh area jazz guitarist where he is a featured soloist playing electric and acoustic guitars, plus guitar synthesizer. Most often, Lou performs with Moment's Notice Jazz group and is also a featured performer with The Moon and The Stars, headed by Ed Moon on bass guitar. Additionally, Lou plays extensive guitar-sax duo engagements with Bobby Moody or Mike Minguez on the saxophone, and most recently has taken on more opportunities as a solo guitarist. Lou displays a wide range of musical styles, rhythms, and influences which he has acquired. His musical dialect is a compilation of the various styles to which he has spent time playing at different stages of his musical growth. The Jazz, Latin, Traditional and Contemporary Jazz, Soul, Pop, and Rock styles exhibited by his playing and original compositions blends to provide his audiences with wide textures of musical tastes and feel. He has recently produced his own CD called 'The Wonder In Your Eyes' featuring his own music on which he composed, arranged, and performed most of the musical parts. All of the songs on the CD feature Lou's original compositions and arrangements. Additionally, he performed all of the instrumental parts with assistance from Bobby Moody on a vocal track, and his brother, Raul Padro, for the percussive parts on one of the tracks. By also recording the mix, this album is entirely produced by Lou. Brent Lambert, well known master engineer at Kitchen Mastering Studio is quoted in his August/September Studio news as saying, 'Local jazz guitarist Lou Padro blew us away with his entirely self arranged, composed, produced and engineered CD. Once again, if you have the time and aptitude, you can make a record at home! Lou should consider leaving his day job.' Preliminary feedback from those who have bought this CD have been overwhelmingly positive. Some direct quotes follows: ' Really great work you've done here. I think the whole package is great' 'You're playing is as powerful as ever - I was knocked over by the first track just because I didn't expect this to be quite so aggressive' 'In a word: Excellent! Currently listening to it for the third time (I'm at track 5 - 'Now That You've Grown' -- I'm supposed to be doing the dishes). The guitar work is excellent...' 'This is one I'll play when we have folks over. It's that good' Lou provides a description of the CD in his own words, the music, and the feelings and reasons that inspired the music. The CD is a compilation of my compositions which are mostly devoted to my family, friends, and the community in which I live. The music varies from rock, fusion, contemporary, Latin, and ballads. I think the variety is a strength of the CD, or I hope it is. I wrote, arranged, performed almost all of the musical parts. Bobby Moody lent his voice to 'The Wonder In Your Eyes', and my brother, Raul, helped me create some of the percussion arrangements on Latin Ringer. The CD was mastered at the Kitchen Mastering in Carrboro, by Master Engineer, Brent Lambert. Following is a description of the songs on the CD. 1. '78s' My older daughter, Amanda, played on a traveling soccer team throughout her teen years. The name of the team was the 78 Raleigh Spartans. The girls on this team were a dedicated, hard working, unified team who moved me to write this song. As was the character of the '78s', the song is very upbeat, aggressive, resulting in a hard driving guitar song. I dedicate this song to all of my 'daughters' on the 78 Raleigh Spartans. I miss them very much. 2. The Wonder In Your Eyes This is the only vocal tune on the CD with Bobby Moody providing his singing talents. I wrote this song while Amanda was young. I especially enjoyed the times when she was a toddler. She had these big, round, beautiful eyes and the simple way she would always look at the world around her kept me curious as to what she was thinking. This was a trait she continued to display through her teens. Hence the title and words of the tune. The emotion is one of being light and happy. 3. Latin Ringer I have had the impulse to create a Latin based tune for many years before finally sitting down and writing 'Latin Ringer'. As is the case with 'The Wonder In Your Eyes', Moment's Notice has performed this song numerous times. Several people who have been kind of enough to comment have said they liked the rhythm and of how the tune somewhat reminded them of a Carlos Santana tune. Heck, Carlos Santana was a strong influence in my early years, so this is a great compliment. 4. Prunk When I first sat down to write this tune, I can remember feeling like I wanted the song to be grooving, and also funky. The beat and bass part came almost immediately, and I just allowed that groove to let the rhythms and melodies 'come out'. The song did not take long to write, but I spent a lot of time getting the sounds that I wanted. Plus, this was the first song in which I experimented heavily with soloing 'outside the box'. I feel very satisfied with the result and hope you all do also. 5. Now That You've Grown This song was written after Amanda left the nest, but the feeling started back when Lydia, my youngest daughter, went out on her own first. This tune is not at all a sad tune, but a deep affirmation that my girls have earned their rightful and solo place in society. I am proud of them both and I try to convey this emotion as I composed what I consider to be a soulful tribute to both of my girls. Amanda and Lydia, thanks for the memories and (mostly) great times ..... and you are not yet done!!! Dad is proud of you both. 6. Clean Samba I consider this song is one of my best musical pieces. I am an addict for Sambas and Bosa Nova and truly enjoy the great rhythm. This song took a while to 'simmer 'till done', but eventually, I found the chords I was hearing in my head to complement the melody which came rather quickly. I personally like how the chord changes take shape around a rather basic melody line. Additionally, The hardest part was capturing the feel with the various layers of percussion required, especially with the bridge between the verses which had to be strong, but still maintain the momentum and beat of the song. An interesting twist to this song is that I use the bass guitar track as a melody instrument in the Chorus parts. I look forward to playing this song live, but it will require extra bodies because of the multilayer percussion parts. I did not know what to call this song, so I asked my wife, Lena. She just happened to be cleaning in the kitchen when I asked to say the first word that came to her mind. So I guess you get the picture. 7. In Lena's Embrace This is 'the ballad' of the CD. It is my song to my wife, Lena. This song in no way begins to express my gratitude for the sacrifices she has made for me. I am so dependent on her and so used to her being there supporting me. To coin a familiar phrase, 'I could not have done this without her' is not enough. This song is not enough. But at least it is a symbol of all of the thoughts and emotions that has so much meaning for me. I tried to put it all of my soul into this song for Lena. God willing, I will forever be, 'In Lena's Embrace'. 8. A Walk At Shelley Lake This song is accurately named. I live in a subdivision which is close to a Raleigh park called Shelley Lake. It takes Lena and I about 50 minutes to walk the park. A couple of years ago, I seemed to 'wake up' to the scenery around us as we were walking the park and the tune started coming to my head. Just got this sense of something soothing and flowing until I could clearly start to first sense a beat, then hear a melody inside my head. I kept humming the melody I was hearing all the way home so that I would not forget it. As soon as we got back to the house, I was in my studio and went well into the next morning literally finishing this song. 9. Within Lydia's Reach I dedicate this song to my younger daughter, Lydia. Anybody who has known L

1.1 78S
1.2 The Wonder in Your Eyes
1.3 Latin Ringer
1.4 Prunk
1.5 Now That You've Grown
1.6 Clean Samba
1.7 In Lena's Embrace
1.8 A Walk at Shelley Lake
1.9 Within Lydia's Reach
1.10 Que Te Sientes Bien

Lou Padro: Wonder in Your Eyes

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