Loudness: Devil Soldier

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Artist: Loudness

Artist: Loudness
Title: Devil Soldier

Digitally remastered edition of the 1982 sophomore album from Japan's Metal legends. Devil Soldier benefited greatly from the creative input of one Daniel McClendon, brother of one time UFO guitarist Tommy McClendon, who was drafted in to help with the sound of the album due to the lack of experienced studio engineers in Japan at the time. As per it's predecessor, the album proved a great success in Japan and was awarded the accolade of best Metal album of the year by the Japanese record industry. The album was indeed a well crafted affair, with strong songs, punchy production and the ever spectacular Akira Takasaki in effervescent form. Krescendo.

1.1 Lonely Player
1.2 Angel Dust
1.3 After Illusion
1.4 Girl
1.5 Hard Workin'
1.6 Loving Maid
1.7 Rock the Nation
1.8 Devil Soldier

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