Louis Guarino Jr.

Louis Guarino Jr.: Spiritual Awakening

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Title: Spiritual Awakening
Label: CD Baby

This music was written for trumpet, steinerphone, percussion, and synthesizers. The music in this album contains improvised Trumpet & Steinerphone solos intertwined with rich, abstract, poly-synthesizer arrangements creating different adventures (or stories) in sound for each piece. Emotional textures range from peaceful, serene, soft, and harmonious; to harsh, raw, dissonant and powerful. The forms vary from thematic, to anarchistic, some reoccurring, to freefloating. Some forms have different movements or sections, some morph from motif to motif. The rhythmic pulse spans from non-existent, to implied, to obvious. This music is entitled 'Spiritual Awakenings' due to the fact that during the time I decided to put this music all together as one recording, I was doing a great deal of reading of Eastern Philosophies such as The Tao, Buddhism, and Zen. The readings gave me great inner peace and enlightenment, and also gave me a sort of Spiritual Awakening or realization about myself and my environment I hadn't noticed before. This affected my writing and playing of some of the works, as well as my life. Through this compilation of musical pieces, I feel as though I can share some of the feelings of my Spiritual Awakening especially with you the listener, thru passing on some of my inner emotional feelings of peace, love of sound, excitement, and my joy of creativity. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed performing it.

1.1 A Conversation with the Spirits of the Mountain
1.2 Mirrors
1.3 A Voyage Thru the Clouds
1.4 Metamorphosis
1.5 Amnesia
1.6 Waterways

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