Louis Xiv

Louis Xiv: Slick Dogs and Ponies

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Artist: Louis Xiv

Artist: Louis Xiv
Title: Slick Dogs and Ponies

Louis XIV second full-length album SLICK DOGS AND PONIES, finds the San Diego quartet exploring new sonic terrain with lush, grandiose string arrangements by world renowned composer David Campbell. The result is a record that demonstrates a devotion to artistic growth, blending classical sensibility with their rock and roll roots. The debut single, "Guilt By Association", is an example of classic Louis XIV neo-glam: catchy, playful taunts over a scratchy dance-punk track, declaring You don't have to do the crime to serve the time.

1.1 Guilt By Association
1.2 Air Traffic Control
1.3 Misguided Sheep
1.4 There's a Traitor in This Room
1.5 Sometimes You Just Want to
1.6 Tina
1.7 Stalker
1.8 Free Won't Be What It Used to Be
1.9 Swarming of the Bees
1.10 Hopesick
1.11 Slick Dogs and Ponies

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