Louise Canepa

Louise Canepa: Napa Valley Serenity

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Louise Canepa

Title: Napa Valley Serenity
Label: CD Baby

Louise P. Canepa: Romanticist 'Napa Valley Serenity' recorded by the St. Petersburg Chamber Orchestra, in St. Petersburg, Russia, these original compositions are memorable, lush, melodies, highly inspired by the composer's surroundings of hills, wildlife, nature, mountains, and vineyard terrain in the rich Napa Valley wine country. A native born of Monterey, California, Ms.Canepa is influenced by her classical piano and Italian heritage background. This soothing, peaceful recording is a must for the discriminating listener with it's poignant delivery by superb, performing Russian musicians. This is a CD of beauty and sensitivity. 'Ms. Canepa's music carries the listener on a melodic journey through the Napa Valley hillsides and valleys from the perspective of a carefree eagle in flight,' says Katie Somple, Napa Valley Register, correspondent. 'This extraordinary CD is inspirational to say the least. I play it in the background when I'm writing and find it allows me to concentrate better in a more relaxed manner. When I feel my energy lagging, I turn up the volume and let the music rejuvenate my creative energy which it does,' says, Eileen Malone, Author, Poet, Freelancer,Colma, CA.

1.1 MT. St. John Sunrise (Piano) Part I
1.2 Early Morn (Piano) Part II
1.3 Afternoon (Piano) Part III
1.4 Inspiration (Cello/Piano)
1.5 Mourning Dove (Soprano/Piano)
1.6 Nostalgia (String Orchestra)
1.7 Lontano (String Orchesra)
1.8 Autumn Breeze (Piano)
1.9 Joyful (Piano)
1.10 Melodic Adventure (Chamber Orch.)
1.11 Space Moments (Piano)
1.12 Sempre Nel Mio Cuore (Soprano/S. Orch. )
1.13 Come Sit Beside Me (Baritone/Piano)

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