Love/Hate: Wasted in America

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Love/Hate

Artist: Love/Hate
Title: Wasted in America

Digitally remastered edition of this live album from the British hard rockers including six bonus tracks. Includes 16 page full color booklet with 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, new photos and new Interviews. The long road to stardom for Love/Hate started out reasonably well. Based in Los Angeles they won a coveted long-term deal with Columbia Records and issued a well-received debut album. It was a record that positioned them as a harder, more street-cred option to the majority of other bands playing around the Hollywood scene - somewhere between Guns N' Roses and Skid Row. And with Jizzy Pearl they had one of the best frontmen in town, one with the look and bravado to carry them far. When their debut album didn't set the world on fire, through no fault of their own, a rethink was required. Part of the solution they thought was to relocate to New York and be closer to their label HQ - it would also potentially inject some fresh energy into the band. Once accomplished, and fully settled in a Manhatten loft, they set about recording Wasted In America, with a new producer, John Jansen, who had worked with a stellar list of hard rock acts, including Britny Fox, Bang Tango, Warrant and Faster Pussycat. It looked like a marriage made in heaven and to a degree it was. Wasted In America is an electric and exciting record, produced with bluster and bravado, lending the band a monstrously dirty edge, helping to elevate their songs to another level. The guitars cut through like chainsaws and Jizzy Pearl never sounded more in command. Songs such as 'Miss America', 'Evil Twin', 'Happy Hour' and the title track itself, made mincemeat of the competition. If you like your rock loud, dangerous and devilishly raw then look no further.

1.1 Wasted in America
1.2 Spit
1.3 Miss America
1.4 Cream
1.5 Yucca Man
1.6 Happy Hour
1.7 Tranquilizer
1.8 Time's Up
1.9 Don't Fuck with Me
1.10 Don't Be Afraid
1.11 Social Sidewinder
1.12 Evil Twin
1.13 Castles from Sand
1.14 Soul House Tales

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