Love Story's End

Love Story's End: Biloxi War Tribe

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Artist: Love Story's End
Title: Biloxi War Tribe

'Biloxi War Tribe' by Love Story's End Released August 29, 2006 Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered at HollyHouse Recording Studio in Biloxi, MS. Produced by Love Story's End & Clyde Holly All Songs ©2006 Love Story's End 'Hell Is...' & 'Diary of a Lovebird' ©2003 Christopher Tran & Clint Hagler Additional Keyboard in 'Anesthetic Honeymoon' by Clyde Holly Clint Hagler - vocals/guitars/bass/keyboard Charles Lizana - guitars Matt Bounds - bass/vocals Bob Myers - drums.

1.1 Biloxi War Tribe
1.2 My Mind Has Wings
1.3 Give, Take, Devastate
1.4 Diary of a Lovebird
1.5 Hell Is
1.6 Cataclysm in the Classroom
1.7 Bus Driver Stu ; the Yellow Fever
1.8 Betrayal
1.9 Anesthetic Honeymoon
1.10 Music Is a Dead End

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