Love Story's End

Love Story's End: Death Doesn't Deserve Me

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Artist: Love Story's End
Title: Death Doesn't Deserve Me

Love Story's End have released their long-awaited sophomore album. A darker continuation of the first release, 'Death Doesn't Deserve Me' examines a poem line-by-line until ending on it's title track. Blending influences ranging from indie to metalcore, this concept record can change directions and shift moods in an instant while always maintaining it's presence of underlying aggression just beneath the surface. CD package includes a 16-page insert complete with lyrics. 'Death Doesn't Deserve Me' by Love Story's End Released February 14, 2011 Produced by Mark Black & Clint Hagler. Recorded at Riverside Studios in Moselle, MS. Mixed, Mastered, & Engineered by Mark Black at Cenico Studios in Biloxi, MS. All Songs written, arranged, & performed by LSE. © 2011 Love Story's End Clint Hagler - vocals, guitar, keyboard Phil Krohn - drums Kris Hayman - guitar Alfred Jordan - bass.

1.1 And So the Righteous
1.2 Fall to Darkness
1.3 Virtue Is of the Past
1.4 Guilt Is a Reigning Future
1.5 Purged of Ye Soul at Last
1.6 Healing Hands
1.7 Hold
1.8 Beating Hearts
1.9 As Angels Turn to Thee
1.10 But Pure Is Flight
1.11 Where Wings Ignite
1.12 Death Doesn't Deserve Me

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