Lovisa Ståhl: 2

Lovisa Ståhl: 2
Title: 2
Label: CD Baby

Kaleidoscopes fascinate me. They are filled with a lot of patterns that change all the time in a simple way with just mirrors, beams and pebbles. In some way, this is the best way to describe me - as a kaleidoscope. A lot of thoughts are spinning around inside my head in a surprisingly organized way- in a perfect balance between chaos and cosmos. It's very entertaining, but as a curious soul, it can be a little too much when you want to try everything that crosses your mind. Just like a kaleidoscope, there's more than just the first appearance. Maybe you need to twist, turn and work a little to make everything show. But everything is available. I've written down all you need to know, and I've dressed it in music. There you got me. There are my mirrors, beams and pebbles. There's just one thing I don't like about kaleidoscopes. They have no function. Totally pointless. Would the world manage without kaleidoscopes? Absolutely. Am I without function? Am I pointless? Would the world manage without me? Absolutely. My function is to live and to die. Is that pointless? Absolutely. But completely amazing! It means I don't have to limit myself. I don't need to make things harder than they are, and I don't need to analyze things more than necessary. It gives me freedom. Freedom to be here right now and value the moment. But the importance of kaleidoscopes should not be minimized. It's important the moment you use it, and you get to choose to look at the world as you want. At that moment your dreams and your interpretations are important. What would a life be without moments? What would a life be without dreams? Maybe kaleidoscopes do have a function. Maybe I have a function. It's up to you to interpret my music. It's up to you to dream. It's your experience. Do my words reflect your moments?

1.1 This Day
1.2 Shining Star
1.3 Mermaid Days
1.4 Never Meant to Miss You
1.5 Daniel
1.6 Why Do You Try?
1.7 Something Better
1.8 Chasin' the Sun
1.9 Mother's Arms
1.10 Sabina
1.11 John
1.12 Claustrophobia

Lovisa Ståhl: 2

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