Lsa: Bits & Pieces

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lsa

Title: Bits & Pieces
Label: CD Baby

Bits and Pieces is the full length solo album from producer and musician known as Lsa. It contains a mixture of trip hop, drum-n-bass and downtempo tracks that are sure to please. I created several drum and bass tracks and put together my 5 song EP 'Underwater Blues'. I then came to realization that an album was in order. That album is 'Bits and Pieces'. I named it that because all of the tracks are snapshots of a lot of sounds, samples and instruments I pieced together from all over the place. Half way to completing the album 'Bits and Pieces' I decided to change the course and a more trip hop element by having my partner Eleven sing on some tracks, notably 'Jesus Love Me' and 'Open Your Heart'. The other songs on 'Bits and Pieces' are a mixture of sparse sound textures over beats. I really tried to work hard not to pigeon hole myself into one style or form. It took me quite some time to complete this album and I am very pleased to share it with the world. I welcome any feedback or comments that you would like to share.

1.1 Cloud 9
1.2 Maybe I Can Help U
1.3 Jesus Loves Me
1.4 Herdsmen
1.5 Offkilter
1.6 Raindance
1.7 Underwater Blues
1.8 Cricket
1.9 Open Your Heart
1.10 Ice Age
1.11 Born Into Bondage
1.12 Bounce
1.13 On the Rag
1.14 House You
1.15 Take Me Serious

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