Lu Bango

Lu Bango: Little Bang Theory

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lu Bango

Title: Little Bang Theory
Label: CD Baby

A record off the normal beaten track of cookie cutter pop music and of similar ethos as his similarly talented brother, Frank in that we're speaking of musical adventures that are more concerned with 'colors' than 'paints'. Emotions emote, melodies drift skyward, instrumentation compliments the soul of the song. Masterfully reflective, principally acoustic driven, Bango nails his laid back craft right down to the board and makes it hard to move out of the listeners' head.

1.1 Anyday
1.2 Guillotine
1.3 Little Landingpad
1.4 City Garden
1.5 Steppingstone
1.6 Makes No Difference
1.7 The State We're in
1.8 She's the Man
1.9 She Sells
1.10 Past Imperfect Tense
1.11 Does This Count for Sunday?
1.12 Enjoy the Oxygen
1.13 [Untitled]

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