Luc Loubry: German Recital for Bassoon & Harp

Luc Loubry: German Recital for Bassoon & Harp
Title: German Recital for Bassoon & Harp
Label: CD Baby

Christoph Schaffrath was born in 1709 in Hohenstein near Dresden.He was one of those capable and indeed important musician and composer whom the music lover, Frederich 2 of Prussia,gathered around him.In 1740 Schaffrath was transferred to the Berlin Court Orchestra. After the appointment of Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach, he was given the post of harpsichordist and chamber musicaian to Her Royal Highness, the Princess Amalie of Prussia.He was well known for his beautifull and popular compositions. In his chamber music the keyboard instruments play a leading role,as in the Duetto. Rachel Talitman adapted the score for the harp.He died in Berlin in 1763. Carl Almenräder was born in 1786. He enjoyed a remarkable career as touring bassoon virtuoso, orchestral player,teacher, composer, author, maker and inventor.Almenräder and J.A. Heckel formed in 1831 a new bassoon fabric.Almenräder's bassoon improved the technical capabilities of this instrument (4 octaves).He was successful in applying enough of the new ideas on acoustics of his friend Gottfried Weber to improve the instrument.As composer he wrote, in addition the 'Fagottschule'.The present work was published about 1824. Among the technical demands are the use of notes in the extreme high register. He died in 1843. In this recording Rachel Talitman adapted the harp part. Louis Spohr was born in 1784.His first concert tour in Europe as young violonist virtuoso awarded him an enormous success. He married the harpist Doretta Scheidler, with whom he toured all over Europe playing together his compositions for violin and harp. Franz Schubert is one of the most famous German romantic composers (1797-1828).In this CD Luc Loubry and Rachel Talitman propose a unique arrangement of the 'Arpeggione Sonata' for bassoon and harp. In1823, in Vienna, Johann Georg Staufer invented a six strings special instrument. The composer Franz Schubert composed his Arpeggione sonata in three movement in 1824. This beautiful sonata is full of charming motives sometime lyric,sometimeeven inspired by popular themes.The soun of the bassoon and the harp may inspire the sound of the arpeggione.

1.1 Schaffrath Christoph-Duetto-Adagio
1.2 Schaffrath Christoph-Duetto-Allegro
1.3 Schaffrath Christoph-Duetto-Allegro
1.4 Almenräder Carl- Potpourri
1.5 Spohr Louis- Adagio
1.6 Schubert -Arpeggione-Allegro Moderato
1.7 Schubert-Arpeggione-Adagio
1.8 Schubert-Arpeggione -Allegretto

Luc Loubry: German Recital for Bassoon & Harp

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