Lucas Rotman

Lucas Rotman: Where the Day Goes

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Artist: Lucas Rotman

Artist: Lucas Rotman
Title: Where the Day Goes

I am a singer/songwriter/public school teacher living in Brooklyn, NY. I have been writing songs for about 10 years now and have been playing out at a variety of venues in the NYC area. I am also a member of the New and Used Songwriter's Collective started by the amazing performer Ruth Gerson who also produced the new CD I just released. I have been influenced by a wide variety of different musicians. Some of the people who stand out in my mind are Cat Stevens, George Harrison, Woody Gutherie, Joni Mitchell, Odetta, Billy Bragg, Nina Simone, Leadbetter and Silvio Rodriguez, I probably have been just as influenced by my travels to various parts of the world at different times in my life as well as the wonderful and not so wonderful folks I've met along the way. Probably one of the biggest inspiration in my life was my dad, Seymour Rotman who was a talented, uncompromising visual artist who past away in May, 2009.

1.1 Firefly
1.2 Where the Day Goes
1.3 Holes
1.4 Longing No Border Can Tame
1.5 Don't Have to Ask
1.6 On the Road
1.7 Lullaby

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