Lucia Caruso: Through My Window By Ahae

Lucia Caruso: Through My Window By Ahae
Title: Through My Window By Ahae
Label: CD Baby

In April 2009, at the age of sixty-eight, the Korean photographer Ahae started what would become the Through My Window project at his work studio in the countryside one hour south of Seoul. Throughout the four years of this project, Ahae did not skip one day of taking photographs, and produced over 2.6 million images. All of these photographs were captured through just one window overlooking his garden, which is situated in the west where the sunset is clearly visible. Between 2011 and 2013, Ahae exhibited his selected artworks at nine solo exhibitions in cities including New York, Prague, London, Moscow, Florence, Venice, Paris and Versailles. Viewers and critics alike have been fascinated by this project and it's scale, since no other in the history of photography has produced a portfolio as extensive as this within such a short period of time. The sheer number and vast range of these photographs-taken through one window continuously without one day missed in a four-year period-mark a grand achievement not only by the artist himself but also for the world of photography. This recording features six pieces composed by Lucia Caruso and Pedro da Silva. These works are musical interpretations of Ahae's photographs.

1.1 Overture-Birds Soaring in Autumn - Lucia Caruso
1.2 Snow - Pedro Da Silva
1.3 Clouds - Lucia Caruso
1.4 Sunset - Pedro Da Silva
1.5 Water Reflections - Lucia Caruso
1.6 Birds in Winter - Lucia Caruso

Lucia Caruso: Through My Window By Ahae

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