Luciano Poli Gypsy Soul Trio: More Gigs

Luciano Poli Gypsy Soul Trio: More Gigs
Title: More Gigs
Label: CD Baby

This project came out in 2009 by the joint effort among three professional musicians: Luciano Poli, Mauro Sereno and Hillary Kurukulaaratchy (alias Katch), who share a strong passion for gypsy-jazz music. They had the power to integrate their different musical backgrounds in one interesting product, More Gigs, which is characterized by clear and dynamic sounds, as well as the result of an enhanced touch. The tracks, all originals, have an extremely wide range of sonorities, from traditional gypsy, where Luciano Poli's guitar has the leading role, to bright and eclectic compositions by the double-bass player. In some other songs Katch astonishes with his percussions, such as the Peruvian cajinto, or his PanDrum, a curious instrument built by himself.

1.1 Big Tits
1.2 More Gigs
1.3 Obesi Magri
1.4 Borsa Blu
1.5 Imbarcare Acqua
1.6 Gypsy Pop
1.7 2010 Ciao Mel
1.8 Make a Pick Up
1.9 Rompe Il Sol
1.10 Smart Blues
1.11 Hillary's Dream
1.12 Guru's Voice
1.13 Calda Taddea

Luciano Poli Gypsy Soul Trio: More Gigs

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