Lucille Firs

Lucille Firs: Another Land

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Lucille Firs

Artist: Lucille Firs
Title: Another Land
Product Type: VINYL LP

The kind of record you can get lost in on a cross-country drive from the midwest to the west coast. A record with warm blood running through it's veins. Music where thought can be abandoned. Those familiar with the sound and style of the DIY scene in Chicago's Logan Square may be surprised to find out that it was the birthplace of psych pop quintet Lucille Furs. They are a little surprised themselves. At the time it wasn't exactly the place to hear harmonies and harpsichords so much as songs about sniffing glue. "You might hear the Zombies for their kind of haunting and contemplative quality, the Kinks kind-of casual criticism, the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band for their distant romantic quality, Temples, Love, Diane Coffee, Charles Bradley or our Chicago people Post Animal, Jude Shuma and Whitney." Now that half of the band is located in Los Angeles you'll be likely to hear those influences, too. The album was written through September 2017 and was recorded following the release of the self-titled Lucille Furs album later that year. It was recorded direct to tape before being completed at Treehouse Records in Chicago.

1.1 Another Land
1.2 Leave It As You Found It
1.3 First, Do No Harm
1.4 Paint Euphrosyne Blue
1.5 Sooner Than Later
1.6 All Flowers Before Her
1.7 Eventually
1.8 Madre de Exiliados
1.9 Karaoke Trials
1.10 The 34th Floor
1.11 Transmitting from the Blind Guard
1.12 Almond Bees
1.13 No Word in English

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