Lucy Bland: Down to Sea Level

Lucy Bland: Down to Sea Level
Title: Down to Sea Level
Label: CD Baby

Hailing from the rain capital of the country, Seattle, Washington, Lucy Bland let's the rain inspire their music rather than drown them out. Channeling those long winters and rainy days into each opus, Lucy Bland combines delicate drops of sound into a deluge that is indie, folk, and electronic all at once. The experience begins with Cat Biell's vocals, quietly outlining images of the sea, the sky and everything in between. Then comes the rich, lyrical melodies from violinist Katie Mosehauer. Next are hints of spare bluesy jams and 60's sci-fi soundtracks from multi-instrumentalist Tim Stedman. Electronic beats emerge from a table roofed with knobs, wires and blinking lights, and Todd Wallar marshals the song to shape. Drops of steel guitar and accordion suggest the coming brilliance, and a mood materializes. Quiet and clear, tantalizing and powerful.

1.1 Sea Level
1.2 Venice
1.3 The Bridge
1.4 Fly Away
1.5 Blueprints
1.6 Valor
1.7 Plumb
1.8 Maysay
1.9 Rewrite
1.10 Crashing Waves

Lucy Bland: Down to Sea Level

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