Lucy Deville

Lucy Deville: Looking for a Sign

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lucy Deville

Title: Looking for a Sign
Label: CD Baby

Shaun and Chel have been writing, singing, performing and avoiding bios for years. Both have been involved with successful cover bands and both have recorded and released several original CDs. So how did they meet? Well after several years of living as next door neighbours and nodding to each other in passing, Shaun provided an emergency guitar transplant one night for Chels band. After successfully collaborating on some jingles, the pair started working on their own music to see where it would lead them. Welcome to Lucy De Ville.

1.1 Looking for a Sign
1.2 Looking for a Sign (Lfo Remix)
1.3 Running Back to You
1.4 Pillow Talk
1.5 Looking for a Sign (Acoustic)

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