Lui Collins

Lui Collins: Leaving Fort Knox

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Artist: Lui Collins

Artist: Lui Collins
Title: Leaving Fort Knox

'Quite simply, this is the best Lui Collins recording, ever.' 'Her gorgeously poetic lyrics are wrapped around a solid bed of traditional- and old-timey-influenced music, which is at once simple and perfect for conveying the mood and subtleties of her words.'-Dirty Linen, October-November 2000 Produced by Dana Robinson Recorded by Greg Steele, Derek Studios, Dalton, MA Pete Sutherland's fiddle tracks recorded by Peter Engisch, Ad Astra Recording, Williston, VT Mixed by Greg Steele and Dana Robinson Mastered by Greg Steele Photos of Lui and All Star hightops by Susan Wilson Photos of Fort Knox, Bucksport, Maine and the Dead Mall, Northampton, Massachusetts by Dana Robinson Design by Lehndorff Design Lui: vocals, guitar, banjo Dana Robinson: harmony vocals, mandolin, guitar, banjo Guest Musicians: Pete Sutherland: fiddle Johnny Cunningham: fiddle Gideon Freudmann: cello Rose Sinclair: accordion Andrew Kinsey: acoustic bass Jenny Hersch: acoustic bass Doug Plavin: drums & percussion Deep gratitude to Dana for putting so much of himself into the production, while keeping absolutely true to my own vision of the songs. Most of these arrangements were grown organically within the hours of music we've shared both on and off stage - clearly a most satisfying way to produce an album. Thanks to all the guest musicians, to Greg, and to Peter and Kathy. Big thanks to all of you throughout the country who have... made the road my home away from home. To all of you who've come out to hear me play and taken my CDs home to listen to and share with your friends. You make this life that I've chosen - or perhaps that has chosen me - not only possible but a delight. Blessings to you all. Dedicated to Sylva, Tim and Magdalen, with all my heart.

1.1 Things to Do
1.2 Loose the Ties
1.3 Saudade
1.4 Rarest Rose
1.5 Leaving Fort Knox
1.6 Spark/Wings
1.7 The Dark Silkie
1.8 Green Light
1.9 Song of the Waters
1.10 Mystery Play
1.11 Won't Miss You Darlin'
1.12 Swimming to the Other Side

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