Lukaszewski / Baltic Neopolis Orch: Musica Sacra 5

Lukaszewski / Baltic Neopolis Orch: Musica Sacra 5
Title: Musica Sacra 5
Label: Dux Recording Prod.

Another album presenting the output of Pawel Lukaszewski (DUX Lukaszewski Collection). The characteristic stylistic language of Lukaszewski is close to artists such as Arvo Pärt, John Tavener and Mikolaj Górecki, and at the same time it strongly refers to the pre-modern traditions of the Renaissance vocal music and Gregorian chant. "Among Polish composers younger than Penderecki and Lutoslawski, Lukaszewski has become by far the best known. Although he has composed orchestral and chamber music, his reputation is based on his sacred music. He is an ardent Roman Catholic and sets texts mostly in Latin, which, whatever it's difficulties, is for English-speaking listeners more accessible than Polish. He has accumulated an extensive discography and this latest album is listed as the fifth in a series called Musica sacra - though the earlier albums are not in fact all of sacred music." (Stephen Barber, MusicWeb)

1.1 Tenebrae Facte Sunt - Promodern Contemporary Vocal Sextet
1.2 Caligaverunt Oculi Mei - Promodern Contemporary Vocal Sextet
1.3 Recessit Pastor Noster - Promodern Contemporary Vocal Sextet
1.4 O Vos Omnes - Promodern Contemporary Vocal Sextet
1.5 Ecce Quomodo Moritur Iustus - Promodern Contemporary Vocal Sextet
1.6 Comodo - Baltic Neopolis Orchestra
1.7 Andante - Baltic Neopolis Orchestra
1.8 Largo - Baltic Neopolis Orchestra
1.9 Adagio - Baltic Neopolis Orchestra
1.10 Daylight Declines for Mixed Choir - Cantatrix
1.11 Grave Placido - Morpheus Saxophone Ensemble
1.12 Lento Placido - Morpheus Saxophone Ensemble
1.13 Grave Placido - Morpheus Saxophone Ensemble
1.14 Adagio Placido - Morpheus Saxophone Ensemble
1.15 Larghetto Placido - Morpheus Saxophone Ensemble
1.16 Prayer to the Guardian Angel for Female Choir, Piano and Chinese Balls - Musica Sacra Warsaw-Praga Cathedral Choir

Lukaszewski / Baltic Neopolis Orch: Musica Sacra 5

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