Lukaszewski / Gierlach / Swietonski

Lukaszewski / Gierlach / Swietonski: Musica Profana 2

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Lukaszewski / Gierlach / Swietonski
Title: Musica Profana 2

Pawel Lukaszewski is one of the most interesting contemporary Polish composers. His pieces gained acclaim of audiences of both Polish and foreign music festivals, they have been recorded on a number of occasions by renowned record companies, and they have also received numerous awards and honorable mentions at composition competitions. The present release, the second album - Musica Profana - in the series Lukaszewski Collection, which brings us Pawel Lukaszewski's works closer, focuses on piano works selected by Wojciech Swietonski - an outstanding young pianist who has been working with the composer for many years. We are going to hear the piano as a solo instrument accompanied by chamber ensembles, as well as a song companion in song arrangements of varied texts drawn from the contemporary Polish poetry.

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