Luke Wieting

Luke Wieting: Currents

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Artist: Luke Wieting

Artist: Luke Wieting
Title: Currents

Selected works of film composer Luke Wieting from 2007-2010, a cinematic blend ranging from acoustic to electronic and thematic to textural.

1.1 Flashpoint
1.2 Let It Grow
1.3 Trace [From Credits]
1.4 Rising Phoenix
1.5 Lying to Uncle Mark [From Solitaire]
1.6 Solitaire
1.7 Road to Port Washington
1.8 Dog Bones
1.9 Currents
1.10 Out of Nothing
1.11 A Walk in the Woods [From Lake Stephen]
1.12 Lake Stephen
1.13 Delmont, SD
1.14 Chapel
1.15 Lustitia Mea
1.16 Pax Vobiscum [From Solitaire]

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