Lullaby Crush: Why on Earth

Lullaby Crush: Why on Earth
Title: Why on Earth
Label: CD Baby

'With huge anthemic acoustic guitars, twin female vocals, it can only be some sort of power pop version of the Dixie Chicks,a soccer mom [and] Thelma & Louise hell bent on feeling good about themselves. 'Sunday Sadness' is a welcome change of pace, a weekend afternoon drift of a song...often the songs have an irresistible urgency to them.' - David Cowling Americana UK --------------- All Songs By Jason Cole ©2004 BMI For more information about San Francisco songwriter, musician and producer Jason Cole, please email him at:

1.1 If She Only Knew
1.2 Justify
1.3 Portrait
1.4 Big Blue Marble
1.5 Why on Earth
1.6 Sunday Sadness
1.7 Down Payment of Love
1.8 Bittersweet Retreat
1.9 A World Away
1.10 We All Fall Down
1.11 Joy Ride

Lullaby Crush: Why on Earth

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