Luminous: Exposing the Dark

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Artist: Luminous

Title: Exposing the Dark
Label: CD Baby

The Luminous Sky began in Kona, Hawaii in 2003. David and Natalie Bruce (founders) wanted to do something different with their music. They wanted to let their generation know that there is more to life than what MTV sells us. Most musicians are all about the music, which is fine, but The Luminous Sky uses music and visual media to communicate ideas of love, hope and passion. \'We don\'t want to write fluffy songs about nothing\' says David. In April of 2003, four newly recruited members began the journey to create The Luminous Sky. The band made it's way to Nashville, Tennessee to record their first album. Natalie says, \'We completed the first album in 2 1/2 weeks start to finish. Morning till night we worked, and unfortunately we sent the recording engineer to the doctor with an ulcer.\' From there, The Luminous Sky was off on a four and a half month tour in the US. They travelled over 15,000 miles, visited 30 states. After a brief stint at home in Hawaii, they headed off to New Zealand. Lead singer, Natalie, has lived most of her life in Christchurch, New Zealand. So naturally, The Luminous Sky gravitated toward the land of the long white cloud. They toured in New Zealand for a total of 3 months. During that time, the band decided they were ready to record another album. They spent 2 months creating and "barking at the moon" to come up with \'Exposing the Dark\', their second full length album. The band brought in producer, Chris Diprose (Straightline). \'Chris was amazing to work with. He really helped to bring a cohesive sound to our band, he is the man.\' David recalls. The band also worked with Ian McAllister (Salmonella Dub, Shihad) They then set off to Australia in Jan 05 to tour. They had an incredible time traveling all over the east coast and down into Sydney playing before thousands of people. The Luminous Sky went from 'down under' to Japan for a five week tour. It was a bit of a challenge being in such a foreign culture but they had an incredible time, and developed a love for the people of Japan. They hope to return there in the future. The Luminous Sky took a 7 month break while David and Natalie had their first child - Kaden David Bruce. They met up again in January 06 to do another New Zealand tour- starting off in Parachute and making their way around the North Island, and again back down to the South Island. In July and August 2006, the band toured through western Europe, playing at many summer events, including a crowd of 9000 at a festival by Lake Konstanz in the south of Germany! This European tour coincided with the Fifa Soccer World cup in Germany, and it was an incredible experience to play in the center of Berlin on the weekend of the world cup final in Berlin! Since then The band has toured in New Zealand again, California, and Central America. In 2008 the band relocated to Long Beach, California, which has been an exciting new adventure. Most recently they have completed recording their third studio album - Beautiful Revolution, to be released in July. Keep an eye open for news on this exciting new release! The Luminous Sky has begun to develop a solid fanbase. The band has distribution deals in New Zealand, in and Australia, and the music has recieved radio airplay in New Zealand and Australia. They are looking to come to your town or radio station soon. So keep your ears open for the sound of The Luminous Sky.

1.1 Who Am I
1.2 Falling for You
1.3 Burn
1.4 Unaware
1.5 Choose
1.6 Think
1.7 Emotions
1.8 On An on
1.9 At the Well
1.10 Epilouge
1.11 Spechless
1.12 Search Me

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