Lumus: Bacchus Curse

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Artist: Lumus

Artist: Lumus
Title: Bacchus Curse

'Lumus put a unique and dramatic spin on symphonic metal with their use of violins, and have produced an awesome ambitious album that will take on the might of European bands.' -Phil: Ravenheart Music 9.5/10 Lumus is a symphonic metal band from Portland, Oregon. Their debut album Bacchus' Curse summons otherworldly visions out of myth and literature: a mermaid's tears, a fallen angel's pride, and an ancient, vengeful god of Olympus. Their music is heavy, dramatic, and melodically rich, while simultaneously paying great attention to the storytelling in each song. In comparison with their peers, Lumus' music has a darker more aggressive edge than most other symphonic bands. While the core of their music is the classical- metal pairing, they also draw frequently from progressive and world music to create their song and story.

1.1 Aoede
1.2 The Burning Plain
1.3 Scales of Justice
1.4 The Cave
1.5 Lost Child
1.6 No Trace to Remain
1.7 Challenge
1.8 Bacchus Curse: Curse
1.9 Bacchus Curse: Possession
1.10 Bacchus Curse: Maenad
1.11 Bacchus Curse: Furies
1.12 Spiders

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