Lund Bros.

Lund Bros.: Songbook Iv

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Artist: Lund Bros.

Artist: Lund Bros.
Title: Songbook Iv

Songbook IV is the Lund Bros fourth official release and their second double album/CD release. Those who liked their previous releases (Tangents, IPO, and Loser) will not be disappointed. Songbook IV is full of great rock and roll tunes that go from a whisper to a roar, explode with the Lund's trademark vocal harmonies, and stinging and chiming with tons of guitars. Think the musical range, musical surprise, and yet overall coherence of the Beatle's White Album. Angry, bittersweet, fun and strange all at the same time - just listen. For those new to the band, they are a power trio founded by Chris and Sean Lund and rounded out with bassist Gwon Chang. They hail from the beautiful Pacific NW and have been writing songs prolifically while performing semi-regularly over the last ten years. They have written and recorded over the course of that time over 85 songs and are already nearly finished with the follow up to Songbook IV. Cheers!

1.1 Mars Will Understand
1.2 Such a Ride
1.3 Can't Read You
1.4 Find the Sun
1.5 Magnifying Glass
1.6 Johnny's Jump
1.7 I'm No Fool
1.8 Losin'
1.9 Face
1.10 Mr McCain
1.11 On Your Own
1.12 Listen
1.13 C'mon C'mon
1.14 Love Is Leaving
1.15 Fear This
1.16 Only You
1.17 Sugar
1.18 Forget It
1.19 I Don't Believe in You
1.20 Olive Branch
1.21 Better
1.22 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

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