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Lust Under Virgo: Both Sides of the Dime

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Title: Both Sides of the Dime
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Welcome to Lust Under Virgo Website Lust Under Virgo is a concept band centered on the figure of Izzy Lust, musician, composer and songwriter with a deep sensitivity towards rock music. Inspired by many stylistic and formal influences (Vains of Jenna, Hardcore Superstar, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Guns'n'Roses, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Queen, The Cult, Him, Rage Against The Machine, Alice Cooper, Green Day, Journey), Lust Under Virgo has elaborated a personal sound, which is marked out by a blend of hard rock and melodic elements, harsh guitar riffs and synthetic sounds; in a few words, a sort of Glam-Street-Rock where the aesthetic features play a very important role. IZZY LUST His passion is a bald, harsh guitar sound melt with energic riffs, inspired melodies and catchy refrains; nothing better than a good deal of positive energy, easy lyrics combined with a witty self-irony and an irreverent clearness of mind! He shows attitude for music at a very young age. Due to his curiosity he uses several instruments like recorders, record players and microphones that allow him to produce a large number of "foresongs". He starts to work in radio and at the same time he seriously undertakes the study of the guitar. Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and other crossover genres fascinate him. While attending the drama and opera sectors, Izzy Lust learns how to mar his rock sound by an aesthetic essence: "Presenting a song to an audience only by playing it at the best of your possibilities is not enough; if you don't construct a kind of covering with the same passion you've created the song itself, it is like a present that has not been wrapped... there is no magic!" His energy is based on a constant transformation, a peculiarity that allows Izzy to make experiences with several bands. In 2007, thanks to a project of unpublished songs featured in a live show (JAB - Just Another Band), Izzy Lust realizes that his music has a wider value than he thinks. In 2008 he finally gives birth to the new project Lust Under Virgo. L.U.V. encloses a concept full of symbols and mysterious revelations, warm Eastern scents and cold, alien technologies, Man and Woman, Good and Evil, a conflicting blend of emotions. The spell, the sensuality, the magic of the Virgo merge into ambiguity and into the polyhedric nature of Izzy's personality and music. THE PROJECT After two years spent looking for a band to be, after playing on some regional stages, after a rash entrepreneurial music project, Izzy thinks that he can do more. The audience appreciates either his songs in live contexts and the aesthetic impact. Therefore, he decides to give birth to a brand new band. Although the musicians he has played with so far share neither his remarkable sense of glamour, nor his Hard Rock, Goth Rock, Pop Rock sound, Izzy Lust decides to start from naught. His idea is to create a Concept Band that encloses a way of living, of being, of playing and most of all a motto: IN VIRGO VIRTUS... (The power of a person consists in making different and various experiences, in being ready to learn something new, as a virgin land is ready to receive the seeds of new projects). As the ancient Hellenic society and the archaic civilizations lived of ideas, of love for knowledge, of desire towards what was and is different, with passion for beauty and positiveness that increases us, Lust Under Virgo, aka L.U.V., extols to beauty, to sex, to universal love, to the bright light of the constellation of Virgo, the most interesting of the whole Zodiac, to the contrasts that convey to an obscure, ambiguous, mysterious entity, male, female or.... For Lust Under Virgo, every day is an opportunity to play rock, and not only. It is important to affirm it's own style and peculiarities. Therefore, Lust Under Virgo expresses it's artistic identity through an album: BOTH SIDES OF THE DIME.

1.1 Move Your Body
1.2 From Venus to Mars
1.3 We Wanna Dance with Somebody
1.4 The Look
1.5 I Won't Stop the Fire If You Don't Stop the Fuel
1.6 American Gigolo
1.7 L.U.V. Oversize Me !
1.8 Cult of L.U.V
1.9 Down to Earth
1.10 I'm Doing That
1.11 20th Century Boy
1.12 Don't Stop Rock and Roll Tonight
1.13 S.O.S. Planet Earth
1.14 Cult of L.U.V. - Acustic

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