Lydia Brownfield

Lydia Brownfield: Wantings for Sinners

$10.64 $12.98

Artist: Lydia Brownfield
Title: Wantings for Sinners

Wanting's for Sinners, the new CD from Lydia Brownfield, is one of those rare treasures that instantly reminds us why we seek out new music. Brimming with gorgeous melodies and resonant, often haunting images, Wanting's for Sinners showcases the free ranging, often eclectic voice of a truly gifted writer. These 7 songs feature Lydia at her best---reveling in a variety of musical styles while steadfastly refusing to be fettered by any of them. A must-have for lovers of seemingly effortless depth and boundless creativity.

1.1 Fiery Crash
1.2 Prentiss Song
1.3 Trouble
1.4 I Faded Out
1.5 Wanting's for Sinners
1.6 Rocky Beach of Avalon
1.7 Into the Falls

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