Lynda Barnes Lovett: Never Say Goodbye

Lynda Barnes Lovett: Never Say Goodbye
Title: Never Say Goodbye
Label: CD Baby

Lynda Barnes Lovett, a composer of 'new old standards', is a classically trained pianist, who began playing the piano at age three and performing for large audiences at age eight. She majored in piano at the Birmingham-Southern Conservatory of Music, and, later, she was briefly an accompanist for the Washington D.C. Ballet. Fellow pianists describe her this way: 'If most of have 20 gigabyte memories, Lynda has a 200 gig memory, which jump starts here creative combinations.' 'She plays chords that I've never heard.' 'Her piano sounds range from Jerry Lee Lewis to Marvin Hamlisch.' An arranger and music professor noted, 'When she plays the piano, it sounds like the entire orchestra.' She is writing romantic ballads, which other musicians have called 'new old standards', which are 'written in the tradition of Porter, Gershwin, Berlin and Rogers and Hammerstein.' Hear her CD, 'Never Say Goodbye'. She has also written fanciful, satirical and humorous party songs, which are tributes to wine and to island life. Hear her CD, 'Party With No Fear'. Lynda Barnes Lovett thinks of herself as a songwriter, pianist and arranger, but not as a vocalist. However, many of her fans have praised her voice as 'filled with feeling', 'caressing', 'smoky' and 'thrush like'.

1.1 Never Say Goodbye
1.2 It's Magic
1.3 Think of Us
1.4 Where Can I Go
1.5 Let Me Be Close to You
1.6 You've Changed
1.7 Someone Who Matters
1.8 Scotch and Soda
1.9 Opinions of Others
1.10 Wino

Lynda Barnes Lovett: Never Say Goodbye

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