Lynda Defuria

Lynda Defuria: Ticking Clocks

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Artist: Lynda Defuria

Artist: Lynda Defuria
Title: Ticking Clocks

'Ticking Clocks' is the 8-song sophomore release that encompasses stories of love, heartbreak, transition, and the importance of time and timing. DeFuria's real and hopeful life experience is told through catchy, dynamic pop melodies infused with heartfelt lyrics, and powerhouse vocals. 'Ticking Clocks' will take you on a journey, reminding you of all the moments, minutes, and seconds in your life that ultimately make you who you are.

1.1 Ticking Clocks
1.2 So Close
1.3 I'll Take You with Me
1.4 Tough
1.5 I Have Reason
1.6 Just Surrender
1.7 Unspoken
1.8 Beginning Is the Hardest Part

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