Lynn Jackson: Where Daddy Lived

Lynn Jackson: Where Daddy Lived
Title: Where Daddy Lived
Label: CD Baby

Lynn was born and raised in the coal fields of Southeastern Kentucky, where farming, mining, and truck driving have been his occupations since an early age. His love for music started at a very young age from listening to his Dad and brothers sitting on the front porch playing those good old gospel songs. 'The first time I ever heard Merle Haggard, I knew that was what I wanted to do in life' says Jackson. His influences in music are, of course, Merle, Johnny Cash, and the Eagles. However his favorite country song will always be 'Coal Miner's Daughter' because like Loretta's, his Dad worked in the coal mines all his life. You might just find him hanging out at Tootsies Orchid Lounge on lower Broadway as well as any other open mic in Nashville. If you are in Alabama and tune in to Bill Hamilton Country on Charter Cable network, you might just find him there as a guest. Jackson plays at every local and regional event, such as county fairs and festivals. In 2004 he was a contestant in the Colgate Country Show-Down in London Kentucky where he met Herbert Sims of Sims records. This led to Jackson's signing of a contract with Sims. On November 27th 2004, Sims Records released Jackson's debut album titled 'Where Daddy Lived'. This CD is currently receiving lots of air-play all across the Southeast region. Jackson's music appeals to many people such as those who love Country, Gospel and Southern Rock.

1.1 Where Daddy Lived
1.2 It Was on
1.3 Memories of Momma
1.4 Day After Day
1.5 Keep An Eye on Little Joe
1.6 Tell That to These Tear Drops
1.7 Friday Night Blues
1.8 Don't Blame It on Me
1.9 Unfinished Business
1.10 Looking for a Miracle

Lynn Jackson: Where Daddy Lived

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