Lynn Stokes: Terra Nocturne

Lynn Stokes: Terra Nocturne
Title: Terra Nocturne
Label: CD Baby

Terra Nocturne is the story of one person's journey through the emotions and transcendental experiences which transpire during the course of one particularly lucid night. It begins with the haunting sounds of the flute, as if beaconing the full moon to rise over the horizon. Lush and moody, Sacred Moon's Light is a song which expresses the perceptions, sensations and spiritual restorative power of witnessing the rise of the moon on a warm, sensual spring evening. In Where Have You Gone, this blissful mindset is shattered by the realization that, due to the tragedy of war, poverty or unjust detention, a loved one is missing and cannot ever again be present for this experience. This overwhelming feeling of solitude is evoked in the instrumental Terra Nocturne as the deliverance of sleep begins to set in. Let Go is a portrayal of not only the feeling of release into slumber but also the pain of separation from a loved one, and at the same time, the pleasure of liberation from the physical body at the moment of sleep or death. The soul leaves the body in Open Door for the spiritual lessons and astral journeys suggested in the songs American Dream and Dream Sequence. In the last moments of sleep, before the sounds of morning, Across the Barrier seems to suggest that healing, restoration and salvation are possible through the transformation of consciousness.

1.1 Sacred Moon's Light
1.2 Terra Nocturne
1.3 Where Have You Gone
1.4 The Crossing
1.5 Let Go
1.6 Open Door
1.7 American Dream
1.8 Dream Sequence
1.9 Across the Barrier

Lynn Stokes: Terra Nocturne

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