M-Dub: G Spot

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Product Type: CD
Artist: M-Dub

Title: G Spot
Label: CD Baby

The Midwest... The most under-rated region in the United States. You always hear about the East Coast, the West Coast and the Dirty South. We bout' to close the circle. HVK and DND spittin' that hot sh*t that's makin' EVERYBODY recognize. IF you ain't got it yet; you better go git it! Holla Back!

1.1 Welcome to the Midwest
1.2 Bump in Yo' Trunk
1.3 Letchutellit
1.4 How It Goes Down
1.5 Cruisin'
1.6 Dance Wit' Me
1.7 Other Plans
1.8 The G Spot
1.9 Insipsy
1.10 Tabloid Tricks
1.11 Don't F*CK Wit' Us
1.12 Cold, Cold Thang
1.13 Step to This
1.14 Lose Control
1.15 Stackin' Chips
1.16 Dirty H*E
1.17 Dark Days
1.18 We Don't Act Right

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