M. Fillmore

M. Fillmore: Relentless

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Artist: M. Fillmore

Artist: M. Fillmore
Title: Relentless

We are two guys in our twenties who believe the world can be changed by the Love of Christ, using music to lead others to His feet. We're just kids who met at college in Palm Beach, FL in 2005. As we started playing music in each others dorm rooms, we began by putting on concerts for anyone who would listen and leading worship at youth events all over town. One thing led the next, and before we knew it, we found ourselves in Chicago recording our first album in 2007. For the next two years, we traveled back-and-forth and all-around this beautiful country of ours, playing music and leading worship at all sorts of youth groups, schools, churches, camps, retreats and everything in-between. In November of 2009, we recorded our second album in Nashville with Producer Steve Wilson (Leeland, Hawk Nelson, Jonny Diaz). Now, here we are in the beginning of 2010, ready to hit the road with our new album and to see where on earth the Lord takes us next...'

1.1 Relentless
1.2 Learning to Love
1.3 Light Beyond the Sun
1.4 Make It Right
1.5 Regret

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