Ma Ma Base

Ma Ma Base: Legend of Tracy Chambers

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Artist: Ma Ma Base

Artist: Ma Ma Base
Title: Legend of Tracy Chambers

This album tells the unforgiving story of a young girl growing up in poverty without the love or protection of her father, the experiences and mistakes she makes along the way in her failed attempts at relationships, and the effects those experiences had on her as she becomes a grown woman, her only revenge is success, so this becomes an obssession, the need for a better life so money and material things take the place for the need of love in her life, and she becomes emotionless on her quest for fame and fortune, as far as she is concerned love and men only bring pain, but as she gets older and success gets closer there was a void that she could never fill with just material things alone, the mutual love and respect of a man ....The back drop to this album is interludes taken from the movie Mahogany where she too was haunted by the same demons and as the movie states 'Success is nothing with out someone you love to share it with' these things she will soon find out because everything comes with a price.....

1.1 Intro: Success Is Nothing Without Someone You Love to Share It with
1.2 Queen of Sorrow
1.3 Pimp Da Game
1.4 Interlude: What's in the Eye of the Beholder
1.5 Da Truth
1.6 Nice ; Hot
1.7 Interlude: A Need for a Better Life
1.8 How Dare U
1.9 Drama
1.10 Special
1.11 Interlude: My Homies (Down Ass Chick)
1.12 U Girl
1.13 Interlude: My Homies (Down Ass Nicca)
1.14 Dat's Me
1.15 Interlude: Know When Love Is Killing Your Dreams
1.16 1940
1.17 Interlude: The Applause/Finally Success
1.18 Do Dat There
1.19 Interlude: Talkin' Bout Some Shit
1.20 Vip (Very Important P*Y)
1.21 We Belong Together
1.22 Interlude: Pay Up
1.23 Heavon
1.24 Right? (Bonus Track)

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