Mabuhay Singers

Mabuhay Singers: Pandango Sa Pag-Ibig

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mabuhay Singers

Title: Pandango Sa Pag-Ibig
Label: CD Baby

Come now, never shy away from the call of the dance then, the dance that is all love given alone by that showering sun... Dance, and discover how you really belong to a dancing land, that you really are of the family of man... And discover especially then that the Filipino will either sing, will either dance, will sing and dance in all his life's passing, for he will always be moving into where love is a song of dancing. Always the Filipino will dance in the hours of a day, in all his earthly stay. Dancing to the "Pagtatanim" in the season of planting. Or the "Kinaras" to start the fishing. Blooming in the sway of "Bulaklakan" to celebrate the feast of lovely Maytime. Or to honor a wedding or begin a courtship with the "Soryana" that elsewhere is the "Padang-Padang" but familiar to most as the "Fandango", or so called "Gala" sometimes. Even dancing to seek fruitfulness in the "San Pascual Bailon" rhythmic rites of Obando. Not only that but dancing too the "Bugsu" in the birth of a child of infidelity. While in the cool of November when the harvest becomes a festival of "pinipig' pounding, of kundiman guitar strumming, of poetic "dupluhan" war of wits, words and love-wooings, the brown man will ever dance to the "Pasinaya", that reminds too of the Canao celebration. The Filipino will dance on and on to the point of even creating a unified mixture of the best steps, sways and sounds of the dances of the Visayan, the Ilocano, the Bicolano, the Tagalog in the form of the "Surtido". Songs in this album gives you the vocal vibrance of the highly acclaimed Mabuhay Singers. These distinguished voices that today lead in the record revival of the best of the Filipino's treasury of music. "Pandango sa Pag-ibig", dance of love, in the spirit of life, as ever a new song, a new dance, a love that knows no age...Sing!

1.1 Pandango Sa Pag-Ibig
1.2 Isang Panaginip
1.3 Talalay
1.4 Dati Mong Pagmamahal
1.5 Buhay Sa Mundo
1.6 Aawitan Kang Lagi
1.7 Hindi Ko Malilimutan
1.8 Kita'y Minamahal
1.9 Hindi Kita Maunawaan
1.10 Ikaw Na Ang Bahala
1.11 Bakit Masasayang?
1.12 Irog, Dumadalangin

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