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Macadam-Somer & Lunger: Notorious

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Title: Notorious
Label: CD Baby

Notorious musicians Eden MacAdam-Somer and Larry Unger bring together traditional and contemporary acoustic music from around the world, creating a dynamic, swinging sound that is sure to get you on your feet. With Eden on fiddle and vocals and Larry on guitar and banjo, their music is full of rhythmic drive and melodic candor. Their show is always new and exciting, presenting everything from traditional American and Celtic fiddle tunes to jazz, blues, and the group's original compositions. At home in the worlds of both classical and popular music, Eden MacAdam-Somer is one of the most exciting and versatile young violinists performing today. She has been a featured soloist with symphony and chamber orchestras, jazz and swing bands, bluegrass, DAWG and American folk groups. Eden is also well versed in the music of other cultures, including Irish music, Gypsy music, Sephardic music, and European music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. She has been a guest artist at the Aspen and Beijing International Music festivals, soloist at Texas and Wimberly jazz festivals, performer at Texas and St. Louis Renaissance fairs, and has appeared on numerous recordings in folk, rock, jazz, and classical genres. Larry Unger has been a full time musician since 1984 and has presented a diverse range of musical performances at dances, festivals, and concerts across the United States,England, Canada, France, Scotland, Denmark, and Sweden. He has played guitar, banjo, and bass with many top contra dance bands, including Notorious, Uncle Gizmo, Big Table, and the Reckless Ramblers, and has accompanied such fiddlers as Judy Hyman, Elke Baker, Rodney Miller, Alasdair Fraser, Matt Glaser, Ralph Blizard, and Lissa Schneckenburger. His solo concerts include a wide variety of music, including fingerstyle blues and slide guitar, rags, and oldtime banjo tunes as well as melodies played on a handful of unusual instruments including banjo-guitar, fretless banjo, and piano-harp. Larry's original waltzes and fiddle tunes have been played and recorded by musicians around the world. He has a great breadth of understanding of traditional music to complement his considerable technical proficiency and enjoys telling stories about the origins of his music and the people who taught him. ------- netrhythms. Co.UK nov 2006 'Notorious is the working "band name" for these two musicians when performing as a duo, and refers to their love for Hitchcock films, but in the end this too proves a bit of a MacGuffin, for their reputations by all accounts remain unsullied! Larry's name may be familiar to those readers who are enthusiasts of dance, for he's written over a thousand tunes (mainly fiddle tunes and waltzes) over the past 20+ years and regularly plays for contra, waltz, swing and Scottish dances. As instrumentalist, he's a skilled fingerstyle blues, ragtime and slide guitarist and banjo player; he's accompanied many notable fiddlers including Alasdair Fraser, Matt Glaser and Rodney Miller, and recorded with Ginny Snowe as well as the Reckless Ramblers. But his current musical partnership with Eden appears made in heaven. For Eden is a versatile young violin player from Texas who has her roots in classical music but is readily and eagerly branching out into traditional, oldtime, jazz-swing and world-folk. And she's not a bad singer either, making a fine fist of anything she tackles, from (Working On) The New Railroad (on which she also plays viola) to the old Andrews Sisters hit Bei Mir Bist Du Schön and the blues chestnut Sitting On Top Of The World (where she's ably backed by Larry's National Resonator guitar); what a shame she only gets three vocal outings on the disc! If performing with any lesser musician, Eden's fiery and florid violin pyrotechnics might well threaten to overwhelm the exciting guitar fretwork, but this never happens with Larry and Notorious. Sure, her playing's often somewhat technique-driven, but it always remains primarily musical in it's focus and impact. I find the oldtime-flavoured numbers especially scintillating, in fact. Larry's proven compositional skills are spotlighted on around half of the album's tunes, whereas Eden's own compositions (on the evidence of The Watermill and the snappy Schottis Fran Palmer here) are equally inspired, and, like Larry's, authentically idiomatic rather than pastiche. Just occasionally there may be hints that Notorious are just a little restless in their wandersome eclecticism, but any such minor reservation need not concern the listener who's open-minded and keen to embrace a wide range of musical styles especially when they're so sparklingly and engagingly played as they are here.' ---------- 'superb duet recording. The power and drive that the two fine musicians impart to the music is just wonderful. ' Sing Out.

1.1 Lowdown Hoedown/Beth Cohen's/Kolomeike
1.2 Wolfe's Favorite/The Lonesome Jig
1.3 Bei Mir Bist Do Schon
1.4 Susitna
1.5 Last Chance
1.6 Ice Storm
1.7 New Railroad
1.8 Watermill/The Icy Cold Finger of Death
1.9 Schottis Fram Palmer
1.10 Iowa City/Springfield Girls
1.11 Stir the Soup
1.12 Sitting on Top of the World
1.13 Paynes Prairie
1.14 Freddie's Tune

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