Machine Head

Machine Head: Catharsis

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Artist: Machine Head

Artist: Machine Head
Title: Catharsis

Machine Head TITLE: Catharsis If heavy music stands for anything, it's freedom. Formed in Oakland, California in 1991, Machine Head have forged a formidable reputation and huge global fan base by never surrendering their artistic liberty or compromising their belief in the power of heaviness. Exploding into the consciousness of metal heads worldwide with their seminal 1994 debut album 'Burn My Eyes', the band led by singer/guitarist Robb Flynn have consistently raged against the grain, producing a steady stream of lead-heavy but fiendishly inventive modern metal records that have both defined and redefined the sound of metal in the 21st century. Over the span of 20 years, Machine Head have sold over 800,000 records in the US alone, garnered a Grammy nomination, toured the globe with Metallica and are truly force to be reckoned with overseas. As with any band that stands strong through a near twenty-year career, there are always ups and downs, but as the beginning of the new millennium would prove, more than ever Machine Head would bow down to no one when it came to their musical output. Machine Head created the blueprint for the modern metal masterpiece.

1.1 Volatile
1.2 Catharsis
1.3 Beyond the Pale
1.4 California Bleeding
1.5 Triple Beam
1.6 Kaleidoscope
1.7 Bastards
1.8 Hope Begets Hope
1.9 Screaming at the Sun
1.10 Behind a Mask
1.11 Heavy Lies the Crown
1.12 Psychotic
1.13 Grind You Down
1.14 Razorblade Smile
1.15 Eulogy

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