Mad Parade: Jigsaw Reality

Mad Parade: Jigsaw Reality
Title: Jigsaw Reality
Label: CD Baby

One of the leading lights of the now fabled early 80's L.A. punk scene, Mad Parade presents 12 slices of their own brand of melodic punk. Mad Parade were an important name back in the day, part of the heralded BYO/Flipside halcyon days. Jigsaw Reality marked the return of Mad Parade since they had disbanded in the late 80's after headlining three national tours and supporting X, Social Distortion, The Dickies, Bad Religion, Fear, The Circle Jerks and a host of others that made their way through Los Angeles from the late 80's through the early 90's. Their first album released in 1984 included their version of 'One Tin Soldier' which was the theme song from the movie 'Billy Jack'. That song became their signature song and a regional and minor national hit as well. Mad Parade have had numerous line up changes which continue to this day. Jigsaw Reality features original members Billy Ledges on vocals, his brother Joey Kelly on guitar, Mike Sosa on drums, and the new guy at the time, Stevo on bass. The band has had more than 10 bass players over the years but Billy, Joey and Mike have been the core of the band since the beginning. Billy and Joey are the main songwriters as well. From the opening track of this CD they roar out of the box like a steroid crazed race horse burning through guitar strings offering up Iggy and Ramones style punk rawk.Jigsaw Reality possesses the powerful force and the energy of the early days on songs like 'Flowers of Evil' and 'Going Nowhere Fast'. They also departed from their usual sonic assault and tried a couple of rocked up ballads stretching their palette on songs like 'Welcome Home' and 'Circus Towne'. If you like your punk rawk catchy with sing along choruses and loud guitars then this CD will make you happy.

1.1 Ride Away
1.2 Flowers of Evil
1.3 She'll Say Anything
1.4 Listen
1.5 Welcome Home
1.6 Going Nowhere Fast
1.7 Early Grave
1.8 Wild Crazy Dream
1.9 Tragedy
1.10 Send in the Clowns
1.11 Satisfy
1.12 Circus Towne

Mad Parade: Jigsaw Reality

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