Mad Trucker

Mad Trucker: Heated Surface

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mad Trucker

Title: Heated Surface
Label: CD Baby

On this outing, Mad Trucker stripped away the Truckenstein-9 persona to bring shorter songs with more hooks and more developed beats as well as a myriad of Arkansas talent including Jampire, Ill Chemist, OT from the FYP, Paige Harrington, DJ Counteract, Cronos, Elimonster, honeyBeast, Michael Tustison, Bob Noggins III & TJ Deeter. Heated Surface is a tightly packed post hip-hop epic with complex lyrics over grim industrial beats with various singers, emcees, guitars and horns lending to the unique array of mostly synthetic textures covered in these 18 tracks. The riddle-like quality of the lyrics combined with the hard beats and odd keyboard sounds, provide a wealth of details to examine in your headphones as well as plenty of power for your car stereo. You might like this if you like: Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic, Cage, EL-P, Saul Williams, Madvillain, Busdriver, or Subtle. This is hip-hop's left-field, but no less dynamic.

1.1 Appetite for Destruction/Smoke Crack
1.2 State of Emergency/In the Off-Ramp
1.3 Black Jack Oak/Live Wires
1.4 The Sky Goes Dim/Strange Town
1.5 Falling Down
1.6 Hold On/I Know
1.7 My Ode
1.8 Misunderstanding
1.9 Ball of Confusion
1.10 Twelve Monkeys
1.11 Cash the Check
1.12 Bad News
1.13 I Don't Sleep/I Don't Dream
1.14 Ambiguous Thesis/Hammock
1.15 Ain't Right
1.16 Hot Dogs/Rip Through the Frame
1.17 Haywire
1.18 Eye of the Storm/Truckzilla

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