Mad Violets

Mad Violets: Season of Mad Violets

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Artist: Mad Violets

Artist: Mad Violets
Title: Season of Mad Violets

Formed by Wendy Wild and Dino Sorbello in 1982 when they met at Privates niteclub (NYC) where she was the MC and he was the busboy. A common interest in psychedelic music and mushrooms started them off writing songs and forming a band. Early Mad Violets shows took place at loft parties and the infamous club known as The Dive where a whole new quasi-retro 60s garage and psychedelic music scene was forming. In a scene they shared with such local luminaries as The Fuzztones, the Vipers, The Outta Place, Tryfles, Secret Service, Mosquitos etc. They quickly distinguished themselves as one band that featured original material where most were content to play covers of obscure classics. For their fungicidally-inspired masterpiece 'Psilocybe', Wendy assumed the role of high priestess and handed out live mushroom communion to the faithfull lined up at the front of the stage. After all these years and sifting thru old tapes,demos,studio recordings, gigs, rehearsals at last here are thr REAL Mad Violets with the REAL ORIGINAL LINE-UP! All material here (aside from the three tracks released on compilations ) ALL TRACKS ARE PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED.

1.1 Quetzalcoatl
1.2 Morlocks
1.3 Acceleration
1.4 Psilocybe
1.5 Transition
1.6 Blacklight Sound Reality
1.7 Crystal Chandelier
1.8 Bye Baby
1.9 Mad Violet Theme
1.10 Soviet Satellite
1.11 On Our Own Time
1.12 Essex Jam
1.13 A Mushroom Ceremony

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