Madd Currency: Madd Currency

Madd Currency: Madd Currency
Title: Madd Currency
Label: CD Baby

You're looking at the official limited edition re-release of one of the most sought after Fairfield unreleased albums never to hit stores! This version has been pressed and sealed in the USA. 1 bonus track has been added to this album and the CD art has been updated with a new glossy picture. This album is not being sold in stores and only out the trunk! If you do not live in Fairfield this will be your only chance to purchase this dope ass CD! This album features: Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Freaky Fred, Messy Marv, Lil Ric, Marvaless, Mia X, Rick Rock, Q-Ball & Many More! Skip Dog & Lil' Jazz as you know are two of the tightest rappers to come out of the Flatlands. The Lil' Jazz solo album titled Game4usuckaz was only a stepping stone for the lyrics that are contained on this follow up album! As you know Skip Dog's first album E.Z.S.D. Game 2 Be $old is a Northern California Classic! All of the tracks on this album are produced by the legendary Mike Mosley, Rick Rock from The Federation, and T-Roy from Ballers Ona Mission (B.O.M.)! This CD contains tracks that can only be found on this album! In 1993 E Double Z & Skip Dog formed a group called E.Z.S.D. They put out an underground rap masterpiece called Game 2 Be Sold produced by Mike Mosley & Sam Bostic. Skip Dog was only sixteen at the time, but sharper than a thumb tack. Master P of No Limit records heard the underground bay area rap album, recognized da real, came 2 Fairfield, CA and broke Skip Dog off some bread to use his solo song. The Skip Dog solo Master P used was from the E.Z.S.D. Game 2 Be Sold album titled Puttin'-N-Work. Master P used the track on the original West Coast Bad Boyz Anotha Level Of The Game compilation that was released in 1994. In 1995 Skip Dog went solo and kept it straight gutta. Skip Dogs Uncle Fred and E-Boos hooked him up with T-Roy, from the legendary Ballers Ona Mission (B.O.M.). In 1996 Skip Dogs second album titled 1st The Money Then The Power was created in T-Roy's garage. Then in 2000 Skip Dog followed up with a duo titled Madd Currency with Lil' Jazz. All the tracks are produced by Rick Rock, K-Lou, B.C, and T-Roy of Ballers Ona Mission. This album was never officially released and still remains a bay area mob classic. 01 - All I Do ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz 02 - Fuck Da Fame ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Freaky Fred 03 - Quit Hatin' ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Goldie, Rick Rock, Dooney Baby 04 - Must I? (Dis Is Real Shit) ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz 05 - 'Til The Day I Die ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Freaky Fred, Mac Lo 06 - Keep It Pimpin' ft. Skip Dog 07 - Um A Sav ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Goldie Mac 08 - So Much Shit ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz 09 - Thank Ya Slik ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Marvaless 10 - Dream ft. Lil' Jazz, Takira McIntosh 11 - Taken Chances ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Messy Marv, Q-Ball, Mac Lo 12 - Now U Know ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Lil Ric 13 - Pop Those ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz 14 - Dey Ain't Worth It ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Lil Shaun, Goldie Mac 15 - Just Like Me ft. Skip Dog, Lil' Jazz, Mia X, Don P. 16 - Real Talk ft. Messy Marv 17 - Go Bad ft. Skip Dog.

1.1 All I Do
1.2 Fuck Da Fame
1.3 Quit Hatin'
1.4 Must I? (Dis Is Real Shit)
1.5 'Til the Day I Die
1.6 Keep It Pimpin'
1.7 Um a Sav
1.8 So Much Shit
1.9 Thank Ya Slik
1.10 Dream
1.11 Taken Chances
1.12 Now U Know
1.13 Pop Those
1.14 Dey Ain't Worth It
1.15 Just Like Me
1.16 Real Talk
1.17 Go Bad

Madd Currency: Madd Currency

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