Madi Sato: Soul in Love

Madi Sato: Soul in Love
Title: Soul in Love
Label: CD Baby

The deeply felt lyrical emotion and down to earth beats of rhythm and blues can be found in abundance whenever Madi lifts her voice in song. With a voice that bespeaks of her Southern upbringing and is at once both pure and raw, Madi's combination of emotional intensity and technical proficiency communicates itself to listeners immediately. Whether it's a selection from her own catalog of originals or one of the carefully selected tunes from the world of R&B, traditional blues or jazz standards at which she also excels, Madi delivers the music in her heart directly to your soul.

1.1 You Don't Know What Love Is
1.2 Moonray
1.3 Willow Weep for Me
1.4 I'll Take Care of You
1.5 Holy Rain
1.6 Soul in Love
1.7 Let's Burn Down the Cornfield
1.8 The Rock
1.9 My Foolish Heart
1.10 I Love Being Here with You

Madi Sato: Soul in Love

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