Madness: Total Madness-All the Greatest

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Artist: Madness

Artist: Madness
Title: Total Madness-All the Greatest

Excellent two disc (CD + PAL/Region 0 DVD) collection from the British Pop/Ska band, released to coincide with their 30th Anniversary. Madness were the most successful and longest-running band to emerge from the British Ska/2-Tone movement in 1979 and, apart from a few years off for good behavior, the band are still going strong with the same exact line-up. The CD features 23 of their greatest singles plus a DVD that contains 22 of their classic (and hilarious) video clips. Includes the hits 'Our House', 'One Step Beyond', 'It Must Be Love', 'Baggy Trousers', 'NW5', 'Wings of a Dove' and many more. Salvo.

1.1 One Step Beyond
1.2 Baggy Trousers
1.3 House of Fun
1.4 Embarrassment
1.5 My Girl
1.6 Our House
1.7 It Must Be Love
1.8 Wings of a Dove
1.9 The Sun and the Rain
1.10 Tomorrow's Just Another Day
1.11 Cardiac Arrest
1.12 Driving in My Car
1.13 Bed and Breakfast Man
1.14 Grey Day
1.15 NW5
1.16 Lovestruck
1.17 One Better Day
1.18 Michael Caine
1.19 The Return of the los Palmas 7
1.20 The Prince
1.21 Shut Up
1.22 Madness
1.23 Night Boat to Cairo
2.1 One Step Beyond
2.2 Baggy Trousers
2.3 House of Fun
2.4 Embarrassment
2.5 My Girl
2.6 Our House
2.7 It Must Be Love
2.8 Wings of a Dove
2.9 The Sun and the Rain
2.10 Tomorrow's Just Another Day
2.11 Cardiac Arrest
2.12 Driving in My Car
2.13 Bed and Breakfast Man
2.14 Grey Day
2.15 NW5
2.16 Lovestruck
2.17 One Better Day
2.18 Michael Caine
2.19 The Return of the los Palmas 7
2.20 The Prince
2.21 Shut Up
2.22 Night Boat to Cairo

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